Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The FRUA Scholarship Program for our Adopted Children -- Application Deadline is March 17th

As the mother of a tenth grader, I am keenly aware that soon I will be knee-deep preparing my son for educational opportunities beyond high school. Like many typical 15-year olds, my son’s interests and life-goals are constantly in flux. One week, he wants to be an engineer. The next week, he wants to be an architect. At other times, the discipline and rigor of the military appeal to him. Thus, we are still discussing whether he will attend a four-year college, start his post-secondary education at community college, or perhaps join the military before entering college. Regardless of the path he chooses, financing his education will be a major challenge for my family.

That why I am so excited about the Famililes for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption (FRUA) Scholarship Program! This program was specifically designed to address the needs of our member families, many of whose internationally adopted children will continue their education after finishing high school. Like many available scholarships from other organizations, our program asks applicants to provide information about their academic, community, volunteer, and extra-curricular activities. Unlike those other scholarships, however, our program is neither needs-based nor solely academic performance-based. Instead, we seek to consider the whole child and his or her adoption experience. We ask students to provide an essay describing how their adoption and their involvement in FRUA have helped shape their lives.

Over the past three years, applicants have submitted incredibly touching, poignant essays describing how they overcame obstacles in their young lives and how their adoption experience influenced their lives in so many ways. Each year, the members of the FRUA scholarship committee are deeply touched by the thoughts, emotions, and experiences these talented and thoughtful young adults have shared. And each year, we look forward to reviewing applications, learning about your children and their struggles and accomplishments,and awarding scholarships to selected recipients.

If your child is interested in pursuing post-secondary education at college/university, community college, or a trade/technical school, please consider the FRUA scholarship as a tool for helping fund his or her educational dreams. Encourage your children to finalize their applications, collect their letters of recommendations, and write their essays.

Go to www.frua.org for forms and scholarship requirements. But DON’T DELAY - applications must be postmarked to FRUA by March 17, 2012!!

Sue Gainor
National Board of directors
Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption