Sunday, March 3, 2013

We're what 'hope help and community' means to you...

When FRUA announced a week and a half ago that it intended to conduct its first-ever National Needs survey of adoptive families who have adopted or are adopting from Russia, Ukraine and all Eastern European and central Asian countries, there were some who asked "why?"  To this question, the FRUA National board offers these three reasons:

1. Our mission is to provide hope, help and community for adoptive families. Because FRUA cannot be all things to all people, we hope this survey will help identify those services that are most valuable to the families that we are committed to serving.

2. The way the world communicates and connects is changing, and we must change with it. Some of you, only aware of our online presence, might not even realize that we have chapters or conferences. FRUA began with a regional/local chapter structure; first Washington D.C., then Wisconsin, and onward through the years. Over time, chapters formed, grew, dissolved, regionalized, divided, renewed. But the best base  for the 21st century might be different than the current structure.

3.  FRUA began as an all-volunteer organization. Over 18 years later, it remains all-volunteer. But this may not be the way to guarantee that the FRUA mission can continue to be met.

The survey will close at midnight on Tuesday, March 5. Whether you are a paid members, a lapsed member or a never-member, if you have adopted or are adopting in the regions we cover, please, take ten or fifteen minutes and to complete the survey. Go to:

All who complete the survey and provide their name (which will be seen only by our third-party survey provider and not connected with any specific survey) will be entered to win a $100 Orphanage donation in their name to our FRUA Orphan Support work. That one winner will also receive a FRUA Coffee & Tea for Orphan Support basket worth $75.

I encourage you to add your complete the help us chart the future of this organization. Thank you!

Jan Wondra, Acting National Chair
FRUA National Board of Directors